Audited Execution Quality Measurement

Market Centers and Executing brokers often create more detailed execution quality reporting than vendors, but the lack of standardized metrics and independent verification renders that reporting much less useful to their clients, who often rely instead on vendor reporting.


ViableMkts can work with the internal analysts at markets or brokers to design, implement and verify execution quality reporting

  • Design of standardized metrics to measure both trading and opportunity costs
  • Attribution to relevant trading components including information leakage, market impact and liquidity cost
  • All metrics considered in the proper context considering each firms unique workflow
  • Third party validation of all metrics including commentary based on periodic data reviews.


Working with ViableMkts is a cost effective method to properly evaluate each firms trading products and services with the external validation that clients require, while avoiding the security and implementation risks and additional costs associated with vendor systems.


  • Exchanges
  • Alternative Trading Systems / MTFs
  • Broker Dealers