Innovation in financial markets is full of uncertainty...

Strategic Guidance

What is the current landscape?
Do we have the right solution?
What are the risks vs opportunities?
Strategic Guidance

Successfully innovating is dependent on developing and maintaining the right strategy

A well-informed strategy consistently supported by high quality business analysis and experienced guidance is a requirement in today’s market.

Strategic Guidance

ViableMkts has over 100 years of direct experience in financial markets

Strategic Guidance

We generated over $700k in direct savings for one of our clients

In 2016, ViableMkts analyzed the electronic trading contract agreements that a global bank had for fixed income platforms:

  • Discovered our client was on the wrong service plan for a major platform
  • Provided the cost benefit analysis for changing plans
  • The shift in contract saved the bank $60k a month
We’ve been embracing technology in our business for years, yet never evaluated the true costs. ViableMkts dramatically reduced our overhead by identifying a huge savings opportunity.
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