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The Corporate Markets Financial Technology seminar is a comprehensive study of the mechanics of financial markets and the role of technology market modernization. The curriculum combines interactive lessons, demonstrations, and animated presentations to help individuals of all academic and professional backgrounds master key market structure concepts.

Individuals who complete the seminar will establish a strong foundation in financial market mechanics and ultimately develop a deeper understanding of why markets work and how technology can be used to optimize financial market systems.


The seminar is comprised of 6 modules totaling approximately 7 hours of interactive learning.

MODULE 1: Fundamentals of Market Mechanics
The first module provides a foundation for viewing and understanding market systems by reviewing the basic elements of market structure:
-Introduction to Market Structure
-OTC vs Exchange Systems
-Defining Liquidity
-Identifying Key Elements of Market Structure Science
-Fundamentals of Market Mechanics

What will attendees learn?
Attendees learn how key elements within market systems combine to directly impact market mechanics and financial market evolution.

MODULE 2: Fundamentals of Electronic Trading
This module explores the basic evolutionary phases of markets and focuses on how transaction frequency influences the evolutionary path of any market system:
-Sequence of Financial Market Evolution
-What Trades Electronically & Why?
-Basic Formats of Electronic Trading
-Introduction to eTrading Protocols and Features

What will attendees learn?
Attendees learn how complexity and trading frequency influence the development of electronic trading solutions.

MODULE 3: Mechanics of An Order Book
This module explains the true mechanics of an electronic order book through the examination of history accompanied by a prototype demonstration:
-How Do Traditional Exchanges Work?
-Common Misconceptions of Electronic Order Books
-Origins of the Electronic Order Book
-Mechanics of an Electronic Order Book
-The Impact of Electronic Order Books on Trading Behavior

What will attendees learn?
Attendees will master the basic mechanics of an electronic order book and can apply the previous course lessons to understand cultural impact of an electronic order book.

MODULE 4: Advanced Electronic Trading Protocols
This module builds on the Mechanics of an Order Book to introduce the basic concepts of algorithmic trading:
-Origins of Algorithmic Trading
-Buy-side Strategies
-Sell-side Strategies
-Mechanics of Automated Trading

What will attendees learn?
Attendees learn the motivations behind the development of algorithmic trading strategies and the role that speed plays in performance.

MODULE 5: Electronic Trading in Fixed Income
This module explores the evolution of electronic trading in fixed income markets and provides a detailed explanation of the mechanics of trading protocols:
-Fundamentals of Fixed Income Electronic Trading
-Request for Quote Mechanics
-Developing New RFQ Protocols

What will attendees learn?
Attendees acquire a firm understanding of the mechanics of RFQ trading in fixed income and leverage the previous lessons to create their own RFQ protocol.

MODULE 6: Innovation Guidelines
In the final module participants review key source material to derive insights on the mechanics of innovation:
-Sourcing Opportunity in Evolving Markets
-Review of Key Concepts in ‘The Innovators’ Dilemma’
-Review of Key Concepts in ‘Crossing the Chasm’

What will attendees learn?
Attendees will learn how to leverage the science of Market Dynamics to examine initiatives, recognize innovative opportunities, and build their career in an evolving financial market.


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  • $595 Current Students


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